• How can I get involved with the Tennessee Action Coalition?​
    Volunteers are a vital component to our organization. We are always looking for volunteers who can contribute their experience or expertise towards the progress of our initiatives. Get involved HERE​.

  • Where is the Tennessee Action Coalition located?
    The Coalition is housed on the campus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Our mailing address is:
    1200 Volunteer Blvd, Room 126 Knoxville, TN 37996

  • If I want to work with the Coalition, do I have to travel to or live in Knoxville, TN?​
    No! You can work with our team from anywhere in the state.

  • If I sign up for the TAC eNewsletter, how often will I receive them?​
    We usually send out our eNewsletters once every 2 weeks or so. By signing up for our newsletters HERE, you will only receive eNewsletters - no spam. Your information will not be shared or distributed with any individual or organization outside of the Tennessee Action Coalition.

  • I am a part of an organization that would like to become more involved with the Tennessee Action Coalition. Who should I contact?
    Please send an email to or submit your information to our Get Involved form.

  • I am not a health care professional or student; can I get involved with the Coalition?
    Of course! We pride ourselves on having a diverse group of stakeholders supporting the TAC. Nurses and nurse champions are welcome to join us in transforming health care in Tennessee. Submit your contact information HERE if you would like to learn more.


  • Can I pay my event fees on the Tennessee Action Coalition website? 
    No. Event fees must be paid by check before any event or program. You will receive a receipt for your fee payment which you may pick up at the event, or the receipt may be emailed to you by request only. 
    Please Note: All payments are final. If you are unable to attend the event or program, you will not receive a refund (partial or full).
  • Can I pay my event fees with my credit or debit card?
    No. Event fees must be paid by check before any event or program.​


  • Where can I watch the Tennessee Action Coalition webinars?
    Our webinars are available at our archive located on our Resources menu. If you experience any difficulty watching these webinars, please contact our Coordinator Hannah Holder to resolve the issue.

  • Where are TAC events held?
    In order to accommodate​ guests and participants from all regions of the state, events and programs are either held virtually or in Middle Tennessee. There are times when events will be held in either West or East Tennessee, but location information will be available in the early stages of event promotion.

  • I have not received my Continuing Education certificate after ten (10) days of participating in / watching a Coalition webinar. Who should I contact?
    Please email​ us and we will respond to your request in a timely manner.

For any other questions you may have, please email us at or call (865) 974-2750 ​