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Tennessee Action Coalition

Nurses on Boards Data

The Tennessee Action Coalition is committed to improving health and health care in Tennessee. We think nurses are essential for transforming the delivery of health care and creating a healthy Tennessee. One important avenue for nurse leadership is service on boards. Nurses bring a unique perspective and skill set to boards. Nurses have the most contact with patients and their families. Nurses have intimate insight into the patient experience and needed expertise related to quality and safety.

The Tennessee Action Coalition is coordinating a complement of initiatives to increase awareness about the value of nurse leadership, facilitate in the development of leadership knowledge and skills, support emerging leaders, and advocate for nurses serving on boards. Foundational to our work is understanding our current state, setting goals, implementing strategies to enhance nurse leadership, and measuring and improving progress to goals.

The Tennessee Action Coalition has an ongoing Nurses on Boards survey. What follows is a preliminary overview of survey responses received to-date.

Preliminary Survey Results (September 14, 2016)

  • To-date we have received 339 survey responses; 307 of the responses were complete.
  • Sicty-three respondents (20.5%) serve on a board; these respondents hold 108 different board positions.
  • Seventy-seven of the board positions held (42%) are on non-nursing professional boards or what are call boards of influence or strategic boards by the Nurses on Board Coalition. The Nurses on Boards Coalition only counts boards of influence for their goal of 10,000 nurses on boards by 2020.
  • Sample profile is shown in graphs below.

 NOB graphs 09-14-2016.jpg


Be Counted!

The Tennessee Action Coalition is conducting a Nurses on Boards survey, as is the national Nurses on Boards Coalition. The Tennessee Action Coalition looks at both the type of service that interests the Nurses on Boards Coalition (service on corporate, governmental, non-profit, advisory, or governance boards or commissions, panels, or task forces that have fiduciary or strategic responsibility) and nurses’ service on other boards, such as professional boards. The Tennessee Action Coalition thinks that emerging nurse leaders can hone their knowledge, skills, and mindset of leadership through service on professional boards to prepare them to serve as strategic leaders on major boards of influence that the Nurses on Boards Coalition targets.

All Tennessee Nurses are encouraged to: ​
1. Complete the Tennessee Action Coalition Nurses on Boards survey at:​
2. Complete the Nurses on Board Coalition survey at: ​

Thank-you in ​advance for your participation!